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Want to travel the world but don’t have the funds?

There’s a job that will pay you….but to get that job you need experience. Until now, there was no solution without attending a course at a training school or college.

I can help you: my tour guide course will teach you everything you need to know about how to do the job and how to do well at an interview, regardless of how little travel experience you have.

My printed book and e-book version  ‘Tour Guide Course’ are both available on Amazon. Or, if you want to access the full course and get a printed certificate to take to interviews, go to The Online Travel Training Company site at


I want to share with you my knowledge gained over years working as a tour guide and teacher.

Here are some of the qualities of a good tour guide: communication skills (especially listening and public speaking), being aware of safety issues, patience, tolerance, humour, genuinely liking people and a positive attitude (especially in the face of setbacks).

Employers are looking for qualities like people handling skills, organisational ability, appropriate appearance, problem solving skills, public speaking skills, the ability to handle officialdom and information skills.

Want to know more: go to my ‘Get Paid to Travel’ page above for more information

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