Tips for Tour Guides – is this job for you?

Tips for Tour Guides

Your chance to work all over the world! My Tour Guide Course will tell you everything you need to know about tour guiding, tour directing, tour managing and tour leading. This no nonsense advice will help you do well at interview, get a job, and do it successfully so you are invited back time and time again to lead, manage, and direct tours in countries you have dreamed of seeing.

Is this job for you?

Do you:

  • enjoy the journey as much as the destination?
  • have a genuine like of other people?
  • enjoy sharing your knowledge with others?

Do you like:

  • planning, list making?
  • inspiring people?
  • getting into action?
  • being the boss, in charge, the leader?
  • ‘performing’, being witty, showing off a bit?
  • getting to know new people?
  • discovering new, maybe far flung, places?
  • world music?
  • dealing with challenges?
  • travelling alone?

Are you:

  • enthusiastic about new experiences?
  • good at making decisions quickly?
  • not challenged by asking for help and advice?
  • interested in different cultures?
  • not afraid of flying?
  • keen to learn new languages?

If you can tick more than ten of these, then read on!

If not, thank you for visiting!


My journey to this wonderful job

The route I took started with a love of languages, and my hobbies were outdoor activities like swimming and hiking. I did my life saving qualification before my first aid.

My first job was in personnel – getting to know people, developing communication skills and helping others to increase their self confidence.

After a few years I went into teaching, determined to make information interesting so my students wouldn’t be bored at school like I was! I had to keep records which was invaluable experience if not my strongest skill.

My next role was in management coaching, inspiring people, developing their assertiveness skills, and encouraging their personal development.

I was lucky enough to be able to spend a year travelling independently and haven’t stopped since. I had to plan and deal with unexpected situations., and my courage was often stretched. I was hooked, and after a period of re-training myself in the travel industry (first as an airline ticketing clerk, then as a travel agent), I stumbled across the job of my dreams: an adventure tour leader, and this is what I want to make available for you!

So, are you coming along for the ride?



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