Arrival – some tips for tour guides

Have your passenger list/manifest form on a clipboard. If the idea of a clipboard doesn’t appeal, make sure you can check off names easily


Stand at the barrier just outside the mail exit door from the arrivals terminal/ baggage retrieval area


Hold up a clear notice with your tour company name and the name of the tour clearly visible to the naked eye from 5 metres away


As soon as you have greeted each individual, family or party, ask them to wait nearby until everyone has arrived. Point out the nearest toilet/rest room – request smokers to wait – no one will want to wait any longer to set off to the accommodation


If there is a problem with missing luggage wait till everyone is through the door then ask the group to come back in fifteen minutes while you report the missing bag/s. If you don’t finish in fifteen minutes explain to the client whose bag is missing what to do and go back to the group – you don’t want to start off the tour by keeping the group waiting. They can board the coach / bus and wait in comfort – you can then return to the baggage hall to find the other client/s


Once you’re on your way give a brief welcome talk – remember to repeat your name a couple of times. Tell them when and where to meet for the introductory briefing and explain that it is vital that everyone attend


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