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tour guide DarianThis year I revisited the wonderful island of Cuba with friends, thirteen years after working there as a tour guide.  This time, Darian was our tour guide, and an excellent tour guide he was!

Here’s what he told me about his work:

I decided to start to work as a tour guide because I always have been interested in the nature ecosystem, in Cuba and Baracoa history. I was a professor of Cuba and Baracoa history for 8 years, and now I want to teach tourists some things about Baracoa (nature, ecosystems and culture).

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My best day is when my clients finish happy and they have no questions. At the moment, I have no worst days. When someone wants to be a tour guide, they must have a love of nature, and know about history and have endurance. Because we are professors and  have to explain everything little by little. I can work with families, groups and friends, there is no problem. I would like in the future that my job will be recognized like the best in Baracoa and if it is possible appear in some guide; that is my dream. baracoa beach restobaracoa beach




I study every day to get my goal. Tourists are professors for us too, they show us how we can keep our nature, beaches, our ecosystems. When we get a lot of tourism, they help us with our economy, as we do not produce anything, only live from tourism. My advice to travellers coming to Cuba, and particularly Baracoa is: People that visit us need to learn our culture, music, and history.

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People looking to book a tour can get in touch with me using my email or sms and I will answer them.










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My name is Darian Matos Gamez , Tour guide in Baracoa, Cuba


Cell: 5358548575

All photos courtesy of Lisa Denton

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