Duties of a tour guide made simple

Tour Guide Course

Your Tour Guide Training course includes sections on these aspects of your tour director job:

Confirm hotel rooms booked and available for arrival

Arrange airport/harbour transfers

Organise first meal

Meet and greet group

Give brief welcome talk on transport

Hotel check in

Meet group for introductory briefing

Accompany to first meal

Give daily briefing

Accompany on excursion

Lead walk

Arrange meals

Complete daily reports and other tour documents

Complete accounts sheets, file receipts

Deal with any emergencies or problems

Arrange accommodation check out

Reconfirm flights

Arrange return transfers

Distribute evaluation forms

Fill in departure cards and distribute

Accompany to airport/harbour

Fill in tour report

NB Selling other tours

Sometimes you are expected to sell other tours to your group, sometimes it’s left to you, and you may be paid commission or given a bonus

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