Skills You Need

Today you get the opportunity to fast track your way to being a Tour Guide and get paid to travel

Do you know the secret to being a successful Tour Guide? Knowing how to deal with the many different situations that arise!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn in this comprehensive course:

  • Tour Group Safety – Everything you need to know about keeping your tour group safe and healthy, including…
    • What you must have in your “First Aid Tool-kit”
    • How to effectively deal with illness – your Tour Guide Guest’s OR yours
    • The keys to correctly assessing the safety of accommodations
    • Critical knowledge of how to effectively manage your vehicles on tour
    • Actions to take, who to contact first and what to do in the event of an accident
  • Communication Skills – This is an Essential Tour Guide ability; necessary to…
    • Be able to “nail” that all important interview
    • Understand different cultures’ styles of communication
    • Master communication of difficult information to others
    • Demonstrate peak performance when you meet your group for the first time
    • Maximize your description and narration skills
    • Be assertive, yet non-confrontational, enabling you to powerfully get your message across without experiencing push-back
  • Tour Guide Responsibilities – A comprehensive guide to everything a Tour Guide needs to know about the…
    • Many duties of a Tour Guide…made simple and easy to understand
    • Professional Code of Conduct for Tour Guides
    • Handling of tour funds and financial arrangements
    • End of Tour” Report and how to easily and effectively write it – no hassle, no fuss
    • Vital destination research required to produce a flawless tour for your guests
  • Effective Tour Guide Leadership Skills – As the leader of a group, you will need these time tested, essential skills…
  • The key to acing that vital “First Impression”
  • Sure fire ways to remember names and impress your clients
  • Pre-Tour Preparation that will have life go easily for you AND your clients
  • Understanding the “X Factor” of Tour Guide qualities
  • Proven, effective solutions to dealing with complaints
  • Four top tips for group psychology on tour
  • Learn from others how to make more money and profit from a successful tour guide’s experience
  • Coping with Emergency Situations – Crucial information for Tour Guides…
  • How to deal with insurance companies after an accident
  • What you should know about theft, loss and insurance claims
  • Learn from the mistakes – and disasters – of others – so that they don’t happen to you
  • Receive professional tips and practical advice to effectively deal with potentially difficult situations you may encounter on tour


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