How to avoid hassle and frustration when travelling aged 60 or over.


Travel at 60+

  • Write things down
  • Make checklists
  • Make copies of everything
  • Enlist support: share reference numbers, reminders, itineraries, booking details
  • Packing list of essentials (passport, credit cards, medications, boarding passes, insurance policy emergency number, bank telephone number)
  • Pack well in advance
  • Put on flight socks before leaving home
  • Take medications on board with you. Remember liquids in 100ml plastic bottles only
  • Pacemaker card if applicable; medical ID band
  • Mobile phone fully charged (write down key for switching on after landing)
  • If you use a nasal protector spray, keep on you to use just before boarding. Also travel sickness pills
  • Take on board: book/Kindle, water bottle, tissues, wet wipes, deodorant wipes, moisturiser
  • Make a packing checklist (example below) 


List of prescribed medications, signed by your doctor

Phone charger

Multiple adapter plug

Underwear, footwear (comfortable)


Toiletries & personal hygiene, pain relief, sleeping aids, laxatives

Medical equipment (e.g. inhalers)

Discount cards

Travel cards (e.g. Oyster, airport lounges, airmiles membership)

Season tickets

Cultural cards (museums, sites, etc)

Spare spectacles & or contact lenses; sunglasses; false teeth, hearing aids and batteries

Nail clippers, emery boards/files

Comfort aids e.g. Tenapads, corn plasters, denture fixative, haemorrhoid relief cream

Mints or some sort of sweets when flying

Dried fruit (a dried banana is invaluable, lasts for years too!)

Sea bands (instead of, or as well as, Travel sickness pills)

Driving Licence (in Europe you can use it as identity, which saves handing over your invaluable passport)


You may not yet need all of the above, but you most likely will, one day!






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