So you want to be a Tour Guide?

So you want to be a Tour Guide?

Join the queue! Why should you get the job of your dreams? What can you offer?

Best give up now?


It IS possible for you to achieve that dream. Yes, YOU! Okay, if you’re really shy, and have never been further than the end of your road, maybe not. But for most other people, regardless of age, this job can be achievable. You’ll need skills, of course, but you can learn them.

If you love travel, you like other people, and are willing to learn, then here’s five things you need to think about:

  1. Can you communicate clearly?
  2. Are you well organised?
  3. Are you punctual; can you stick to a schedule?
  4. Are you patient?
  5. Are you in good health?

Clearly, there’s more to the job than just the above, but you’re already half way there if you can answer ‘yes’ to those questions.

And the good news is, that tour companies are always recruiting! There are literally hundreds of companies out there looking for tour guides to lead their tours. The travel industry is one of the biggest around, and is continually expanding, with more and more countries opening up to travellers. Places where tourists have traditionally never been are now accessible.

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