What’s a tour guide’s job about?

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What’s a tour guide’s job about?

A sample day in the life of a camping tour guide

06.30 get up, pack bag, take tent down & stow on tour bus. Check driver awake. Shower. Check breakfast team has started preparing food and kettle is on.

Supervise loading tents onto bus, check everyone is awake and on the move.

Eat breakfast. Check washing up is being done by today’s team. Go to campsite office and pay for pitch. Look around site and kitchen for any items left behind. Board the bus.

Do a head count on the bus before telling the driver to move off.

Pick up tour bus microphone and wish everyone good morning; thank breakfast team for meal. Tell group where you are going, roughly how long it will take, any stops en route and anything special to look out for. Check everyone is feeling okay – if anyone unwell make space for them to lie down and ask if they need a doctor.

Sit down and complete any tour documents, expenses sheet and so on.

Describe any optional activities and/or evening restaurant outing and collect money. Make sure everyone has enough water.

When about 15 kilometres from destination give a short briefing about the next site, its facilities and nearby places of interest. On arrival point out toilets, shower/wash block, laundry, kitchen, camp office, take away/restaurant, bar. Point out nearby features (beach, lake, woods, hills). Make sure driver has enough fuel for the next day.

On arrival at the site check in at reception, check on opening times of facilities and any site rules to pass on to group. Ask group to unload the bus and put up tents

Phone local guide for next day’s excursion – arrange time and place to meet. Check on anyone unwell. If going out on evening excursion give short briefing about suitable clothing, what to expect. Remind group to take cameras and related equipment. Repeat time and place for meeting. Give anyone not going on excursion the names of restaurants and directions on how to get there, or food shops/other eating options.

Before everyone goes their own way make sure everyone knows the next day’s departure time.

Go to reception to liaise with camp staff, find out if there are any nearby festivals, shows and so on. Set up your own tent. Get ready for night out with group. On your return read through your notes for tomorrow, write up your daily report and note any reminders for the group/yourself.

Self test question

What information would you include in a briefing just before arrival at a new site?


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