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" I looked at her instinctively wanted to ask Fengxia how, I have to verify what their dreams, I do not know is not true. When I finish the job they started to help her grandmother on the table to serve later, the grandmother smiled at me, "I Jiao Long grew up ah." Before then finished, legs straight knees on the ground, the body of a crooked, and fell down." Zhuo Wei said, stood up straight, hand on my arm and squeezed, and then looked at my hand, "obvious male characteristics, osteoarthritis is not." After listening to a grandmother pulled my hand and turned around and left, "which do not sin, my God, our family can not spend more than six hundred a month ah." "Your class?" He chuckled a little, I looked at some interesting "black monkey, how many people in your class ah, is not even a teacher you do not . By the light, I saw her hands dripping water, and finally could not resist, "ah !! grandma !!!" Want to move the foot, but it seems to be born with nails in general, did not move, except to shout desperately, that moment I really do not know what to do." Soul sister nodded, "Yes, this is Jojo's grandmother, aunt call you on the line. Philadelphia 76ers practice jerseys

Aunt face instantly Yun heart on red "What nonsense stuff it! What I have said before that child, then! Go out to play !!!" Qi Yun heart may have been the voice to Aunt scared, deflated deflated lips, "bad mother, I could not manage the stairs you!" Weeping while I went out from the side. I was a kid overheard chatting with grandma grandpa, they are to talk to me, my grandma told Grandpa said, "You can not look down upon our granddaughter this child, he was sent to God, only a number of years, the yin and yang, than the average person not ah! " I do not know what time the yin and yang, hid continue eavesdropping outside the door." Heart Yun looked into the room, "Oh, it seems that Liu Waner go out, and did not in. Grandmother behind me in his arms "Well, it seems that we do not come, anyway, I should say also say, we'll go back, and you'll make it. Philadelphia 76ers official shop I looked at her where she really did not feel like my mother, not as good Feng-xia Xu dollars, thinking, my neck a stem, looking at my father directly mouth, "I am not going anywhere, I told grandma together." "You are in rural areas, ah, that is the Ferris wheel, sitting play, and sitting on top overlooking the city is especially beautiful scenery it." I understand, my grandmother had never left the half-step, ah, I did not see how the grandmother money. Philadelphia 76ers personalized jerseys

" "Ah, yes, the first time. Jiao Long, we go back and look at it. " Dad took a step forward and looked at her "Mom does. Philadelphia 76ers playoff jerseys Who knows that I turned around, "OMG!" Sound, scared almost did not pop out of the heart from the chest inside. I lifted my eyes and looked at Fengxia mouth spittle sprayed, just to be turned away with the promise of dollars continued to speak, suddenly found something wrong child." Turned again, the child had disappeared." So saying, she He raised his face and looked at the grandmother holding a bag looks shocked, "aunt, what are you .

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