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" I'm back with muffled, I actually want to do things to make Grandma happy, but I do not know how can grandmother happy, I just feel good that maybe grandma will be happy ." "I am the boy!" I said, staring eyes, his father's face was suddenly a stiff, silent moment looking at me like look. " Xu Gang nodded "keep doing ah, ah aunt horse, you say I learned last dim, not have to come back ah farming, and now even his own son could not have raised, I still a man you! " "If you feel like a man to rush to work! I can not believe you work out your son can not come back!" Grandma said loudly, his eyes swept away in the home of Kang Dong Xu Gang saw that one pair of ladies' shoes, direct He picked up "this is not Fengxia shoes. philadelphia eagles custom jerseys Grandma looked at me, "Johnson dragon ah, ah grandmother tell you, every step of this world, seemingly coincidence, it is also meant to be, you do not think so much, go look at that house fragrant head and see not broken off if burn, and then re-point, two days incense can not be broken. Xu dollars back and look puzzled, and looked at me, "how do you, ah, ah my mother had nothing behind." I do not know why my heart a bit uncomfortable, no longer speak, grandma next took my hand, "Jiao Long ah, if you want to seat tricycle grandmother brought back seat when ah." "What bad people ah. philadelphia eagles cycling jerseys

" "Because boys do not be bullied. Grandma still room watching grandmother said loudly, "Do not delay in this thing it! Jingui child go again! This time you want to have with your little lie ah !!" Grandma looked at her coldly, "Shut up!" Grandma probably did not think grandma will suddenly took the liberty of talking to her, choked for a time, then looked at the crowd, Yipaitaitui "Oh, this witch key man ah, she also harm so rational, ah, ah Huijuan ! " Her grandmother also pay any attention turned to see me coming in, and stretched forth his hand "take." I hear the sound got up, necks toward the door and saw her grandmother took out a folded Fuzhi handed him "take it back to the third burn like drinking, neighbors saw this thing , is not your brother come looking thing, and I still do his elders, with my uncle gave you hit. philadelphia eagles childrens jerseys " I carefully looked at him, this child looks really nice, this moment, I'd very curious about the hole thing, but in the end he was concerned about someone's child, our little village, some people just do not recognize will mix Lianshu, but the child I used to, but did not register, he in the end is where ah." Whispered grandmother replied. "I have to go home, my sister, I remember I went to play ah.

" Xu Gang grandmother watching some doubts, "aunt, why should a tiger ah, ah easy to find a tiger." Dad behind me shouted, then walked up to me, "Mom, you come back ah, Jojo, this is your milk ah, your hands yet, called Grandma. When I stumbled grandmother was pulled off, the sun has to shake me open my eyes." Yun also next to the heart should channel. philadelphia eagles customizable jerseys " Grandma looked at her stomach and also quite surprised, put down the eggs look of concern and asked outlet .

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