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" Grandma said, heels and walked towards the door. philadelphia eagles signed jerseys " Xu dollars at me pale smile, "Jiao Long, you do not go on the line, do not let my own and that was it, I'll you this one friend, went to the big cities you come back ah, I was at home, etc. Tracy's husband also ignorant side, watching the grandmother "Ma aunt, this, this is good yet. The man was sitting in the house for dinner, the grandmother did not tell her nonsense, directly into their home worship house, Yeguo aboard a stool in front of their home to protect the family cents a dedicated, then lit a cigarette, mouth to He said, "where did you practice?!" To that demigod children terrified, watching grandmother always said, "What are you doing, ah, we are all fellow human ah."Well, people in this life, what make life difficult for Kaner ah, ye can not have hanged himself ah, hanged after death look like the most ugly, violent death but also on the outside, the house can not go back even after this is Budehaosi ah, is not easy to cast more than one fetus, young, a pity ah . philadelphia eagles retro jerseys " I nodded, snuffling looking grandmother "What if Fengxia also how to do.

"What is that you ah. Grandma looked at his face serious soul sister, opened his mouth, "Remember, we must first child was born, remember ah. I was hiding in the side, and now she is no matter what the expression, I have a kind of weird feeling indescribable. I am about to expire when three lame arm toss, like a thing I have to like him sideways directly write, "Jiao Dragon ah!" Cried my grandfather, leaning forward a flutter, suddenly caught I, so we both fell to the ground together." Grandma looked at me, "Jiao Long, when a girl how wonderful, grandma like girls, and you are so big, has always been a girl, ah, which if turned into a boy, we would certainly say three of four, grandmother touches all right, but how do you do in school ah, ah you see how small the students.

Grandma some tight brow, looked at Grandma, look to the father, "I do not know if you heard heard, the children saw the man cry, what omen. " Incense head points from the flames actually channeling whirring, I froze for a moment, because after the older I often help grandma incense, incense will see a little head, the flames jump up the guitar, I heard the grandmother said, but he also first time I saw it jump into this, I can not think of a time where the guitar, because grandma with grandpa all the way. philadelphia eagles silver jerseys " "Oh. Dad can only nod, she turned and hurried into the kitchen to run. I nodded with twos can be repeatedly clear the relationship, that is, to pick my sister is not the father's sister, grandmother only father that a child, he was an only child, but I do have two aunts, two aunts They are grandmother's sister's child. " Grandmother shook her head, and before crashed, three lame sister recommenced, "Ma Aunt, my brother is some darn it, but that does not mean someone on your home ah, I have to ask a former child, I saw it said my youngest say to your house to get his stuff, in the end bring what things he ah, give him a scare like that.

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