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How to travel with grown up kids

Nowadays more and more families are travelling than ever before, and where once, adults would leave their children at home in the care of grandparents or relatives, these days families travel together. Many destinations offer activities specifically for young adults. Where once there was an ‘animator’ for young children only, there’s now a teenagers’ disco, or a club where they can meet and chat, well out of the way of parents.

Sporting tournaments such as bowling and soccer are popular, also geocaching, frisbees, and more sedentary choices like photo competitions, best joke contests, ‘guess the song from the lyric’ contests, rap wars… there are plenty to choose from.

Here are my two top tips for organising a teenage family journey:

!. Plan carefully, and keep everyone informed: last minute changes put extra pressure on family relationships

2. Invite everyone to share in the planning: young people especially like to feel involved in decisions.

The aim is to have them own their enjoyment, and not expect you to organise them all the time.

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