Tour Guide or Tour Leader?


Are you a Tour Guide? Do you get to travel as much – or as far – as you want?

If so, great. If not, you can upgrade your skills and become a Tour Leader. The difference is, a guide works locally, and a leader travels to different destinations. The skills overlap,  but are different in many respects. For example, a Tour Leader needs to know a lot more about transport, administration, and planning, for example. And a Tour Guide needs to know more detail about the area or town being visited.

A Tour Leader needs to know about different time zones, whereas a local guide needs to know what the standard local lunch hour is.  Another example is the different way of displaying the date: in the USA, 3rd October is written 10/3, which Europeans could take to mean 10th of March (remember 9/11?). In the Russian Trans Siberian train, the train time is set to Moscow time, so it can be broad daylight at 01.00 a.m., and pitch dark at midday!

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