Bolivia – the highest point of my travels

Filled with excitement and anticipation, I watched my backpack being thrown up from the floor of the terminus waiting room onto the roof of the overnight bus to La Paz. Next morning – after a fitful night on a very bumpy road – my five travelling companions and I arrived, checked in to our hotel Read more about Bolivia – the highest point of my travels[…]

What are a tour manager’s responsibilities?

dealing with itinerary changes, dealing with tour accounts and money, discovering local attractions, evaluating facilities on tour, giving briefings, group meetings, on site research, researching accommodation, researching destinations, tour accounting, working with others on tour

Rio Negro, Amazon

Rio Negro It is my second day on the world famous river. I am crossing the Amazon from Manaus in a low lying riverboat, shaded from the sun under a canopy, lazing in a hammock and snoozing, or chatting idly with one of the crew. The river splits into multiple channels as it sweeps past Read more about Rio Negro, Amazon[…]

Travel vaccinations

Which Vaccinations Do You Need? Vaccinations work by exposing your body to the disease after the disease has been disarmed. This allows your body to build up its own protection and fight the disease. This takes time,  so make an appointment to see your doctor or travel clinic 6 – 8 weeks before travelling. Yellow fever Read more about Travel vaccinations[…]

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