Fancy writing your own travel blog?

My travel writing career started with a journal. Nowadays it would have been a blog. Thanks to BootsnAll for this post!  There are lots of ways to stay connected during your travels, but travel blogs seem to be all the rage across the interwebs these days.  What used to be an exclusive club for the Read more about Fancy writing your own travel blog?[…]

Sunset on the Rio Negro

Rio Negro   It is my second day on the world famous river. I am crossing the Amazon from Manaus in a low lying riverboat, shaded from the sun under a canopy, lazing in a hammock and snoozing, or chatting idly with one of the crew. The river splits into multiple channels as it sweeps Read more about Sunset on the Rio Negro[…]

Fancy volunteering to work rescuing animals in a truly beautiful country?   I have never done any voluntary work whilst travelling abroad, to my regret. Here in Spain  I volunteer at the lovely La Mata  and Torrevieja Salt Lakes Nature Reserve,  doing work which includes removing invasive plants and planting indigenous ones in their place. It’s a privilege to work there!

Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang was one of the most charming places I’ve been. Sitting at the roadside at dawn to make a donation of sticky rice to the monks’ bowls as they walked past in single file to the temple was awesome, a lifelong memory.

Chicken Village

Chicken Village, Vietnam   As we approached, the villager looked up briefly but didn’t acknowledge our presence. Squatting, he continued to mould the reddish brown clay into a brick. The slapping noises reminded me of baby’s bath days. His opaque thighbones lay beneath a layer of drum tight, transparent skin, which his knees strove to Read more about Chicken Village[…]

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