A short walk in Los Montesinos

A short walk in Los Montesinos

 The sun is shining, the mineral-filled pink salt lake glistens in the distance. My friend and I stroll down a narrow lane towards the lake, past orange and lemon groves, and small flat-roofed houses with names like ‘Grandpa’s dream’.

White horse  Los Montesinos

A beautiful white stallion grazes peacefully, unfazed by my little dogs growling grumpily, too scared to bark out loud.






Los Montesinos cactus

The cacti rise up to shoulder height, decorated with jewel-like coloured flowers.

We step to one side to let a van pass, but he turns around and heads back up the lane: a mistaken turning, we guess. It’s easy to get lost around here.

Just an ordinary day for the village locals, and a treat for my companion and me.

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