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Read about me and also my past as a tour guide and trainer. Also check out which countries I have visited and worked in. To see what other people are saying about me, read my Testimonials by clicking the link in the menu above.

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Maureen Moss


I’m Maureen, and I live in a small town called La Mata, near Torrevieja, in the Alicante province of Spain, and I LOVE to travel! Below are just a few of the countries I’ve visited or worked in as a guide.

Let me share with you a bit about my background. By the way, there’s no ‘ideal’ background for the Tour Guide profession, but experience in dealing with the public is definitely a plus! .

Before becoming a Tour Leader/Guide, I was a personnel consultant, languages teacher, travel agent, communications trainer, travel writer, and also a book publisher, in roughly that order. Also, throughout my early career, I frequently organized and led group and family tours in Europe.

When I first heard about the tour guide job, it felt like it was made for me! I love languages, I like socializing and working with people, and I love showing off. I got a degree in French at age 22, and have a load of other communication based qualifications such as speaking six other foreign languages, to varying levels – so, being a tour guide couldn’t have been more perfect!

When I’m not working I like watching movies, listening to world music, reading, sea swimming …oh, and also, of course, travelling!

I’m divorced, and also have three gorgeous children. I can’t stand tripe; and I’m allergic to skate (a flat fish), otherwise I can eat pretty much anything, which is definitely a great help when working in far-flung places.

Although I’ve travelled extensively – to over 75  countries – I haven’t actually worked in most of them. I have led tours in the following places:

Europe: France, Spain, Italy, Germany

Asia: India, China, Vietnam 

Africa: Morocco

South America: Brazil

Central America: Mexico, Cuba

USA: California

Pacific: Australia, New Zealand

About Me – Countries Where I Have Worked 


Here are just a few of the countries I’ve visited or worked in as a guide

I would love to hear from you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Tour Guide Course.

Here’s how to get in touch with me:

Email me here

Skype name: tourguidecourse








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