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Read about us and also our pasts as tour guides and trainers. Also check out which countries we have visited and worked in. To see what other people are saying about us, read our Testimonials by clicking the link at the bottom of this page, or in the menu above.

about us

Maureen Moss


I’m Maureen, and I live in a small town called La Mata, near Torrevieja, in the Alicante province of Spain, and I LOVE to travel!

Let me share with you a bit about my background. By the way, there’s no ‘ideal’ background for the Tour Guide profession, but experience in dealing with the public is definitely a plus! .

Before becoming a Tour Leader/Guide, I was a personnel consultant, languages teacher, travel agent, communications trainer, travel writer, and also a book publisher, in roughly that order. Also, throughout my early career, I frequently organized and led group and family tours in Europe.

When I first heard about the tour guide job, it felt like it was made for me! I love languages, I like socializing and working with people, and I love showing off. I got a degree in French at age 22, and have a load of other communication based qualifications such as speaking six other foreign languages, to varying levels – so, being a tour guide couldn’t have been more perfect!

When I’m not working I like watching movies, listening to world music, reading, sea swimming …oh, and also, of course, travelling!

I’m divorced, and also have three gorgeous children. I can’t stand tomato pips or tripe; and I’m allergic to skate (a flat fish), otherwise I can eat pretty much anything, which is definitely a great help when working in far-flung places.

Although I’ve traveled extensively – to around 70 cities – I haven’t actually worked in most of them. I have led tours in the following places:

About Us – Countries I Have Visited

countries visited






Europe: France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany

Asia: Hong Kong, India, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand

Middle East & Africa: Turkey, Morocco, Gambia, Libya

South America: Brazil, Cuba

USA (California, Miami, New York, Pennsylvania, New Orleans)

Pacific: Australia, New Zealand

I would love to hear from you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Tour Guide Course.

Here’s how to get in touch with me:

Email me here

Skype name: tourguidecourse

Susan Elnadi


countries visited

After travelling to Europe on tour for the very first time, I just knew watching the guide, that I could do a better job!  😀

So upon arrival back home (Sydney, Australia), I decided to apply for a job as a Tour Manager/Guide/Leader. I was lucky with the very first application that I sent. 3 interviews later I managed to get a job as a Tour Manager/Leader in Western Europe at age 23. I packed my bags and off to London I went with 1 suitcase and my Tour Leader Study Pack.

I spent years guiding all over Western Europe for a very large corporate Tour Operator. Then I decided that I needed a closet that wasn’t a suitcase and decided to visit family in Egypt and the UAE. Upon arrival in Egypt, a contact (it’s all about networking) offered me a position working as a Personal Assistant to the Area Director of Sales & Marketing for a large Hotel Chain in the Middle East & Africa. I loved the job, and learning everything about  the ins and outs of the Hotel and Hospitality Industries. I thrived on talking to people of all different nationalities and learning about their cultures.

In my role I was involved in running the day to day running of the sales office and business in general, including managing staff. This meant Sales Reports, Rev Par Reports, dealing with marketing collateral, finance, documentation and also a whole bunch of stuff that most people not in the industry would not understand. So to cut a long story short, too corporate for me and I got bored. It does happen  😀

The Next Stage

So, onto my new adventure – working in the Egypt Air Training Development Center, working for a Training Department that was an arm of the United Nations  – Aviation Sector Association. I worked with over 20 Middle Eastern member airlines, organizing various types of training in association with IATA. I worked next to Flight Simulators and also with Pilots, Engineers, Safety Crew, an Audit Specialist and a security AVSEC PM course.

After that I decided I needed to return home to embark on a new journey, doing what I’m really passionate about, and that is teaching! After extensive studying (which never stops for me), I have been an 8 year tenured Travel & Tourism/Hospitality Lecturer and Trainer at an Australian College, that provides education to international students who have English as a second language, in Sydney. I’m lucky to have met amazing people in my life and experiences and I have now made it my mission to give back everything I’ve learnt, back to the world.

I was a victim of domestic violence by my ex-husband and was abused and tortured for many years, sustaining multiple injuries. After escaping with the help of my family, I made sure that I would always try and help women in need and educate them for a chance at a better life. I have been successful in rescuing a few women up to now. I have found that Tourism allows women to be educated, and opens doors for those who choose to embrace it. No doubt, I will always continue that mission.

Almost Done, But Also Have To Mention…

I’m absolutely steadfast and almost fanatical about helping the environment, which is a deep passion for me. I always try and aim to highlight the importance of trying to save our planet from extinction. I’ve been a vegetarian, cook, hotel receptionist, reservationist, worked as a delay handling manager for Qantas, travel insurance clerk, housekeeper, security operative, concierge/porter, Stage & Screen emergency Travel Manager, Virgin Airlines Sales Representative, Sydney Airport Information Guide, American Express Travel as a Business Development Manager, not at all in that order and probably missing a few temp jobs. I found that everything I learned in life led me to become a tourism trainer and lecturer. Thanks to my amazing mentor and friend, Pam! She is the best in the industry and I can honestly say I learnt from the best.

I love my cat Meow, and am a huge gamer and Marvel Comic nerd which I’m proud of 😀.  I used to play The Gathering and I’m a mega fan and geek of Game of Thrones (I love the hound). Love sci-fi as well as the classical arts and my all time favorite movie is Gone with the Wind. My favorite book? The Count of Monte Christo, by Alexander Dumas. Love watching all kinds of documentaries, especially about climate change, Planet Earth and also the future of space travel to Mars.

The Future?

Mother Nature fascinates me and also I believe she controls our existence. Tourism is educating and to me, knowledge is power. We are rich when our souls are fulfilled.

As fate would have it, I had the pleasure to be introduced to Maureen by an amazing friend which led to where we are today.Working with her to try and make a change in the world is a dream come true. Always grateful to my loved ones and partner for their love and support.

About Us – Countries I Have Visited



UK: LONDON – DOVER                                                   


MONACO: MONTE CARLO                                           

SPAIN: BARCELONA                                                       

ITALY: PISA – VERONA – VENICE – FLORENCE – ROME – SORRENTO – CAPRI – POMPEII – BARI – BRINDISI                                                                                                                

GREECE: CORINTH CANAL – PATRAS – ATHENS – CORFU                                                                 

EASTERN EUROPE: TIRANA – DUBROVNIK – SPLIT – ZADAR – LJUBLJANA                                                 







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