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Want to get paid to travel the world? Why not become a Tour Guide!

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Imagine wanting to travel the world but not having the funds to do it, then imagine hearing about a job that would actually pay you to do it. However there’s one big problem: that you don’t have the expertise required or information on what it takes to become a tour guide.

You can get work as a Tour Guide and also travel free by becoming a Tour Guide today!

become a tour guide

“I’m so frustrated in my life!” – Mark , a friend said to me.

Sound familiar?

That’s exactly what happened to my friend Mark. He’s a great guy and also has the perfect personality to become a Tour Guide and he spent heaps of time searching, applying for and going to interviews only to find that he did not have the right skills to get the job.

He spent tons of time and effort, but he lacked one thing… THE KNOWLEDGE to become a Tour Guide.

How many of us have attended an interview only to find that we are totally unprepared for the questions we are asked? Our self confidence really takes a beating. Or worse still, gone into a job where we feel completely out of our depth to deal with the situations that arise? This is made 10 times worse when you are alone in the middle of the desert or remote jungle with a bunch of tourists looking to you for the solutions. Lesson: NEVER go into an interview unprepared!

Before I taught Mark he went to interviews and he thought his enthusiasm for the job would carry him through, and he even read some travel books to be better informed about some popular tour destinations, but it still was not enough to get any of these jobs so he could become a tour guide.

become a tour guide interview

I went on to explain what employers are looking for in a tour guide and what it takes to become a tour guide. Qualities like people handling skills, organisational ability, appropriate appearance, problem solving skills, public speaking skills, the ability to handle officialdom and information skills.

How to help?

I outlined some of the qualities of a great tour guide such as communication skills (especially listening and public speaking), being aware of safety issues, patience, tolerance, humor, genuinely liking people and a positive attitude (especially in the face of setbacks).

He came to me desperate for help so I shared with him my knowledge gained over years working as a tour guide.

With my help Mark went to the interviews fully prepared to deal with any questions that were fired at him and within 4 weeks he had 3 job offers that he could choose from. With my experience as a teacher and a trainer it took just 19 hours to get him ready to become a tour guide.

When he chose the job offer that excited him the most, he was able to hit the ground running with all the knowledge I passed on to him to become a tour guide.


tour guide course success

Since then…

I have put together a Tour Guide Course that students actually learn and enjoy doing! I want to prepare you for the things that I had to learn the hard way.

Now you can learn how to become a tour guide from my years of experience in an easy and comprehensive course that doesn’t take forever to do and you too can take advantage of my experience and knowledge to get the job you want. Start your journey here…..


Introducing the Tour Guide Course

Ask yourself these questions and save yourself valuable time!

  • Do you know what makes a great Tour Guide? Enthusiasm alone is not enough; you need the detailed knowledge also.

Are you going to be offered every job you interview for? Probably not YET, but you are about to have a huge lead over your competitors, which could triple your chances of being offered the position.

  • Have you had access to an experienced Tour Guide and  had the chance to pick his/her brains?

The chances are you have not, Why? Because they are usually off travelling in exotic places and don’t have time to unpack everything they have learnt in 1 email for you. You must know how to deal with the situations that arise. Period.

SO I created this comprehensive easy-to-follow course that gives you a serious advantage over your fellow interviewees. This course is unique as it gives you everything you need to become a Tour Guide so YOU can be the best in the field.

No one else is offering the level of detail available here.


Here’s Just a Small Taste of What You’ll Learn Inside

  • Tour Group Safety – everything you need to know about keeping your tour group safe and healthy, including…

    • The essential first aid kit
    • How to deal with illness
    • Assessing the safety of accommodation
    • What you need to know about your vehicles on tour
    • What to do in the event of an accident
  • Communication Skills – this is a crucial ability that every Tour Guide needs

    • Nailing the interview
    • Discover how to get this sensational job
    • Learn about different cultures’ styles of communication
    • How to communicate difficult information
    • Meeting your group for the first time
    • A winning formula for dealing with local guides
    • Writing tour notices made easy
    • Improve your narration skills
    • Advice on assertiveness – getting your message across
  • Tour Guide Responsibilities – a complete guide to everything a Tour Guide needs to know

    • Duties of a Tour Guide made simple
    • Hassle free check-in for groups
    • Professional code of conduct for tour guides
    • How to handle tour funds
    • Simple yet interesting formula for answering destination questions
    • Working on a cruise ship as a tour escort
    • Tour leader’s complete guide to writing your end of tour report
    • Revealing insights: extracts from the diary of a tour guide
    • Get yourself a fascinating tour by doing destination research
  • Effective Tour Guide Leadership Skills– as the leader of a group these are some of the skills you will need

    • Discover the key to that vital first impression
    • Sure fire ways to remember names and impress your clients
    • Professional secrets – looking the part: your appearance
    • Make life easier for yourself: what to do before the tour starts
    • Benefit from a tour guide’s travel experience: tips for making yourself comfortable during the flight
    • X Factor tour guide qualities
    • Proven, effective solutions to dealing with complaints
    • Four top tips for group psychology on tour
    • Profit from a tour guide’s experience and make more money
  • Coping with Emergency Situations– crucial information for tour guides…

    • What to tell insurance companies after an accident
    • What you should know about theft, loss and insurance claims
    • Take advantage of a tour guide’s real life experience of an accident
    • Your chance to learn from mistakes – and disasters
    • Practical advice for difficult situations on tour


I am so confident that this Course will fully prepare you for the interview and the job that I will give you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase if you are not completely satisfied.

So you can either;

  1. be fully equipped to be a great Tour Guide…or
  2. you are not out a single penny

So what do you have to lose by nodding your head yes, and choosing to place your order?

Nothing! So go ahead and do it now!

Order The Tour Guide Course Right Now Risk Free!

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