Guernsey Castle Cornet or Crumpet?

I am a sucker for castles. The older, the better. You can keep your elegant, reconstructed family residences, your period furniture, your costume galleries, formal gardens and the like. Give me crumbling any day. And if there’s a secret passage or two, all the better. Perched on cliff tops, high on mountains, overlooking deserts, preferably Read more about Guernsey Castle Cornet or Crumpet?[…]

Memories of Plaza Real Barcelona

Here Are My Memories of Plaza Real – Barcelona Here’s what I love about the Plaza Real Barcelona. The palm trees swayed silently, and the sky was pink. The mountains were as pale as clouds in the distance, whilst the spires of ancient churches were silhouetted against the rising sun. The arched colonnades lent an Read more about Memories of Plaza Real Barcelona[…]

Music: the food of love? Or memories?

Music – it may well be the food of love, but it’s certainly the food of memories   From squeezing my European bottom into a tiny Vietnamese plastic café chair by the side of Highway One, while ‘Hotel California’ blared from a transistor radio, to squatting in a light aircraft 10,000 feet above the Namibian Read more about Music: the food of love? Or memories?[…]

The May Feria: words and photos by Lisa Denton

The May Feria, Torrevieja, Spain The weekend weather turned the sea to the colour of oysters on Saturday and Sunday – not a good portent for the May Feria – the Torrevieja festival that began as a private party for residents originally from Seville – no-one appears to know when! These days it is a Read more about The May Feria: words and photos by Lisa Denton[…]

A short walk in Los Montesinos

A short walk in Los Montesinos  The sun is shining, the mineral-filled pink salt lake glistens in the distance. My friend and I stroll down a narrow lane towards the lake, past orange and lemon groves, and small flat-roofed houses with names like ‘Grandpa’s dream’. A beautiful white stallion grazes peacefully, unfazed by my little Read more about A short walk in Los Montesinos[…]

Mandria, Cyprus

  The fields stretch out before me; there’s a smell of straw mingled with the faint sweetness of cattle manure. A warm breeze caresses my toes as I look out from my balcony. I hear pigeons cooing and the low rumble of a tractor. The grass sways in the breeze, and in the distance, the Read more about Mandria, Cyprus[…]

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