Great news from one of my top five favourite places Trinidad is beautiful, a perfect place for photographers. i’ll never forget having a lesson in composition by one of my group. Or should I say, a lesson in patience? It’s all about the light, it seems!


I have some really good news!! I recently moved my course from its former host platform to, and as a result I’m delighted to be able to tell you that my course is now selling at a massive 33% reduction in price. (That’s a third off the original price – thank you, Teachable) What’s Read more about BIG PRICE REDUCTION!![…]

wow air travel guide job

Want A Travel Guide Blogger Job in Iceland?

Do You Want A Fantastic Ever Changing Job You Enjoy? Well Here’s Your Chance For A Travel Guide Blogger Job! Look no further its here! Wow Air are advertising a Travel Guide Blogger Job and they are looking for the right 2 applicants. The job description on Wow Air states that they are look for Read more about Want A Travel Guide Blogger Job in Iceland?[…]

Interview with a Guernsey Tour Guide – Carla Bauer, Chair of the Guernsey Guild of Accredited Guides  

  What is it like to work as a Guernsey Tour Guide? I asked Carla Bauer for some insights How and where do Guernsey Accredited guides get trained? The Bailiwick of Guernsey Guild of Accredited Guides, theGuild, was established in 2007-8. The Guild provides training to become a locally accredited guide, and awards accreditations in Read more about Interview with a Guernsey Tour Guide – Carla Bauer, Chair of the Guernsey Guild of Accredited Guides  […]

A short walk in Los Montesinos

A short walk in Los Montesinos  The sun is shining, the mineral-filled pink salt lake glistens in the distance. My friend and I stroll down a narrow lane towards the lake, past orange and lemon groves, and small flat-roofed houses with names like ‘Grandpa’s dream’. A beautiful white stallion grazes peacefully, unfazed by my little Read more about A short walk in Los Montesinos[…]


Aleppo, Homs, Damascus, Basra: these names used to ring in my heart each time I heard them. I remember strolling along wide, tree-lined boulevards, meandering down Straight Street in Damascus that both Jesus Christ and Saint Paul once walked along, and almost unchanged since they did so. I slept one night wrapped in carpet in Read more about Syria[…]

Keep flight quotes down

Here’s a tip for keeping fares down when searching for and booking flights on the internet: Keep all the pages you visit open until you have selected a particular flight, paid and received the confirmation. Only then, close the pages with the flight options you didn’t choose. Airlines have software which keeps track of searches Read more about Keep flight quotes down[…]

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