Interview with Iceland Tour Guide

Recently I was lucky to interview a highly experienced tour guide from Iceland. Here is our conversation: What sort of employment background did you have before becoming a Tour Guide? I was a student Do you think it’s important to have good customer service skills beforehand or can these be learned on the job? They Read more about Interview with Iceland Tour Guide[…]

Add to travel packing list

  Here’s some invaluable additions to my Travelling at 60+ post, with grateful thanks to Helen from Dordogne! Mints or some sort of sweets when flying Dried fruit (a dried banana is invaluable, lasts for years too!) Sea bands (instead of, or as well as, Travel sickness pills) Driving Licence (in Europe you can use Read more about Add to travel packing list[…]

Useful tip

Tip from an experienced traveller: It can be a good idea, if you are in a hurry, to put your bag in the nearest overhead locker to the exit door (if you can, find out from the cabin crew which door they’ll be using) Then you won’t have to hang around waiting for other passengers Read more about Useful tip[…]

Cell phones /mobile phones on tour

Nowadays tour guides can use cell or mobile phones whilst on tour. A useful tip to know is to buy a basic GSM phone with a facility to change the SIM card you use in the different countries you visit. You can buy a local card on arrival and any calls you need to make Read more about Cell phones /mobile phones on tour[…]

Meningitis symptoms

Here’s how to help someone with meningitis. 1. The person may have flu-like symptoms, a headache and a high temperature. The person may also complain of a stiff neck and be sensitive to light. At a later stage a rash may form (that does not disappear when a glass is pressed against it). 2. Call Read more about Meningitis symptoms[…]

Memories of Plaza Real Barcelona

Here Are My Memories of Plaza Real – Barcelona Here’s what I love about the Plaza Real Barcelona. The palm trees swayed silently, and the sky was pink. The mountains were as pale as clouds in the distance, whilst the spires of ancient churches were silhouetted against the rising sun. The arched colonnades lent an Read more about Memories of Plaza Real Barcelona[…]

How to be a good tourist for your tour guide! Extract: Understand that being a guide is hard work. You know that expression, “You don’t notice good makeup”? The same is true of guiding. If your day went smoothly, it’s because your guide worked hard.  “I wish people would stop asking if I’m a student. . . . That’s the most familiar reason for a young Read more about How to be a good tourist for your tour guide![…]

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