Sample letter of application

As promised, here’s a template for you to use when applying for tour guide jobs: To: Name of manager/HR head                             ( Attach a recent photo) Name of Tour company From: Your name Your address Your email Your telephone Date Re: Tour guide position Dear I wish to apply for the position of tour guide as advertised Read more about Sample letter of application[…]

My Top Travel Health tips

Here are my  top travel health tips published in Independent Traveller online magazine Watch out for Ice cream – notorious in countries where freezing may not be efficient due to poor electricity supply Salads – anything that may have been washed in untreated water Buffets – eating freshly cooked food from a street stall is better Read more about My Top Travel Health tips[…]

Tips for travelling in Cuba

Count your money yourself after exchanging at CADECA; they’ve been known to hand over less than they say Change a few CUCs into CUPs to give as tips and/or pay street bands Codeine works well as a ‘bunger upper’ if your tum gets dodgy. Don’t overdo it though: it’s apparently a bit addictive Havana is very polluted; Read more about Tips for travelling in Cuba[…]

Coconut Lagoon

still waters walk around resort 20-22 February The lingering calm around Coconut Lagoon Resort is disrupted at around four o’clock. The Vechoor cows, which have been grazing peacefully under the coconut trees along the banks of the canals, suddenly look up now, grow impatient, and begin mooing to each other. It’s time to go home…… Read more about Coconut Lagoon[…]

Road journey advice

We are now planning our route to drive up to St Malo from Alicante…any tips? So far we have our first night in Albarracin (beautiful, near Teruel) and our second in Mont de Marsan…thinking of Dinan for the last night:  can anyone  recommend a good, dog friendly hotel?

Keep flight quotes down

Here’s a tip for keeping fares down when searching for and booking flights on the internet: Keep all the pages you visit open until you have selected a particular flight, paid and received the confirmation. Only then, close the pages with the flight options you didn’t choose. Airlines have software which keeps track of searches Read more about Keep flight quotes down[…]

Example recruiting advert

– Class B commercial vehicle license for a min of 3 years, with bus passenger endorsement. – 22 years of age or older. – 3 Yrs commercial driving experience and clean driving record (no moving violations or accidents in the past 3 years). – Must be comfortable talking in front of people and leading a Read more about Example recruiting advert[…]

Alcohol advice for Tour Guides

If you’re studying this course in a Muslim or Buddhist country, or you don’t drink alcohol for health or religious reasons, the alcohol question is unlikely to faze you. Western Tour Guides beware: it’s good to be sociable and have a drink or two with your group, but always remember you are at work; they Read more about Alcohol advice for Tour Guides[…]

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