The May Feria: words and photos by Lisa Denton

The May Feria, Torrevieja, Spain The weekend weather turned the sea to the colour of oysters on Saturday and Sunday – not a good portent for the May Feria – the Torrevieja festival that began as a private party for residents originally from Seville – no-one appears to know when! These days it is a Read more about The May Feria: words and photos by Lisa Denton[…]

A short walk in Los Montesinos

A short walk in Los Montesinos  The sun is shining, the mineral-filled pink salt lake glistens in the distance. My friend and I stroll down a narrow lane towards the lake, past orange and lemon groves, and small flat-roofed houses with names like ‘Grandpa’s dream’. A beautiful white stallion grazes peacefully, unfazed by my little Read more about A short walk in Los Montesinos[…]

Mandria, Cyprus

  The fields stretch out before me; there’s a smell of straw mingled with the faint sweetness of cattle manure. A warm breeze caresses my toes as I look out from my balcony. I hear pigeons cooing and the low rumble of a tractor. The grass sways in the breeze, and in the distance, the Read more about Mandria, Cyprus[…]

How to be a good tourist for your tour guide! Extract: Understand that being a guide is hard work. You know that expression, “You don’t notice good makeup”? The same is true of guiding. If your day went smoothly, it’s because your guide worked hard.  “I wish people would stop asking if I’m a student. . . . That’s the most familiar reason for a young Read more about How to be a good tourist for your tour guide![…]

Sample letter of application

As promised, here’s a template for you to use when applying for tour guide jobs: To: Name of manager/HR head                             ( Attach a recent photo) Name of Tour company From: Your name Your address Your email Your telephone Date Re: Tour guide position Dear I wish to apply for the position of tour guide as advertised Read more about Sample letter of application[…]

Tips for travelling in Cuba

Count your money yourself after exchanging at CADECA; they’ve been known to hand over less than they say Change a few CUCs into CUPs to give as tips and/or pay street bands Codeine works well as a ‘bunger upper’ if your tum gets dodgy. Don’t overdo it though: it’s apparently a bit addictive Havana is very polluted; Read more about Tips for travelling in Cuba[…]

A day out in Madrid at Christmas time

    First, let’s take an open-top bus tour to get an overall feel of the city. Climb aboard, grab a headphone to listen to the commentary in our own language, and off we go! Look around: the winter sun is shining, warming us as we make our way along elegant wide boulevards lined with Read more about A day out in Madrid at Christmas time[…]

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