Dancing with Cuba

Next year I’m going back to one of my top ten favourite countries: Cuba. In 2003 I led a couple of tours there, and I can’t wait to get back to see what’s changed. For a start, there were no ‘casas particulares’ then, at least, none that I knew of, and this time I’ll be going with some of my favourite people, staying in local homes. Can’t wait!!
Here’s what I wrote for The Adventure Company brochure way back then.  I wonder if it will still feel the same?

Dancing with Cuba

In the heat, the dancing begins slowly to the seductively simple beat of the son. Sip a rum cocktail or two; the tempo quickens, and your hips start to gyrate to the rhythm of salsa.

Honey-skinned criollas descended from Spanish conquistadors dance proudly with young men the colour of molasses. Gaudy classic fifties cars line up before once elegant facades bearing only the palest memory of colour.

Heavily studded wooden doors guard inner courtyards where hummingbirds hover among jasmine flowers, tamarind leaves and orange butterflies, while scarlet, white and blue tocororo birds sing cheerfully alongside lime green parrots.

Dine on red snapper at a friendly paladar, savour a cigar and a café cubano. Your feet will start tapping before long.

The passion of Cuba vibrates in dazzling sunlight by day and pounds from the streets by night. The music may stop, but you’ll be dancing with Cuba forever

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