Fancy writing your own travel blog?

My travel writing career started with a journal. Nowadays it would have been a blog. Thanks to BootsnAll for this post!  There are lots of ways to stay connected during your travels, but travel blogs seem to be all the rage across the interwebs these days.  What used to be an exclusive club for the tech savvy has blown up, and now anyone who can turn on a computer has the means to start a travel blog.  There are literally millions of travel blogs out there now, and even the most technically illiterate person can get in on the fun.   If you love travel and have an affinity for taking pictures and writing, then you may consider joining the scores of people who have set up travel blogs.  There are many reasons why one would want to start a travel blog, and while it is becoming easier and easier to set one up and get started, you may want to ask yourself what your reasons are for getting one off the ground.   When most travelers start a blog, it’s typically for the purpose of chronicling their journeys and keeping in touch with family and friends.  It has replaced slide shows, photo albums, and mass emails when sharing your travel experiences with your friends and loved ones. Some people also use their blogs to make money or support their travels. While this is something that is possible, it takes tons of time, work, and patience.  Mom may think you’re the next Thoreau or Bryson, but  – and no offense here – chances are you aren’t.  I wouldn’t count on making any money from your site initially to assist you in your travels. Still, there are certain benefits (and challenges) to keeping a blog on your trip.

A blog can keep you connected around the world

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