Guernsey or Spain? Update on previous post

I first wrote about my choice of Guernsey or Spain  a few years ago, and some things have changed since then. I’ve been a bit disappointed by Guernsey’s bus service, and getting to and from the island is now a bit of a nightmare due to ferry cancellations and a reduced choice of air services. Spain’s climate has become more extreme: I’ve felt cold here in winter these last two years: shock, horror! Whilst Guernsey’s has improved (oh, the irony….)

However, both retain their respective charms


What have I gained by living in Spain?

Fabulous climate.

Fiestas – dancing in the streets, fireworks – outdoor community barbecues, music and general fun

Dancing as a way of life

Fabulous fish, fruit, vegetables and wine at rock bottom prices

Sunshine – and wide, open spaces

Outdoor living

Relaxation – no fretting about timetables or deadlines

Community- a strong sense of belonging to the local community

A people-based culture. Family and close friends matter more than status or money

Hearing and speaking a gorgeous language


What do I miss about living in Guernsey?


TV services (especially Sky!)

Health care without long waits

Centralised record keeping

Reliable transport services

Communication with a smile

Superb customer service

Telephone service that works

Decent road drainage

Banking without long queues

Minimal bureaucracy


Guernsey beach
Spanish beach






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