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Tour Groups- E-Book ‘A Tour Guide Life’

So You Think You’d Like To Be A Tour Guide?

Still undecided about being able to lead tour groups?

Read about the life of a tour guide in my e-book for your convenience. Wanting to know how to guide a tour group properly and most importantly, professionally? Here is your chance to get a preview from an experienced Tour Guide and Author Maureen Moss. After so many picked her brain and asked questions on what this adventurous life is all about, she decided to write it down and share her wisdom with us.

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If you’ve ever fancied becoming a Tour Guide Leader, or are interested in travel, do read Maureen Moss’ and Lee Follender’s book on the subject: “THE TOUR GUIDE LIFE.”

It’s fascinating. Beginning with “Costa Rican Beauty,” I was mentally thirty again, smiling at my group and alongside Maureen dispensing advice and guidance… But a warning, you do need oodles of patience, plus a knowledge of first aid, languages, and a dozen other subjects too vast to mention in a small space. For anyone keen to travel though; blessed with a strong stomach/constitution and lots of common sense, what an exciting way to earn a living!  Talk of dazzling bougainvillea and dinner plate-sized hibiscus; with fish cooked in teriyaki and passion fruit for lunch appealed. Add exotic breakfasts, including Viagra alternative, untested: golden berries, in a Guadalupe Organic market, and you can understand the use of the word ‘exotic.’

One journey, marked by talk of pineapples and macaws, mangoes and yellow breasted fly-catchers, was enticing. The miles fled by. The elegant boulevards of Madrid, a vision of the Prado pre 19th century art museum…Havana, Cuba and the hypnotic beat of music and dancing; the food, perhaps, best forgotten?!  You could feel the humidity of the Amazon: the icy cold of Norway, and oh so much more.

The book covers, not just the treasures, architecture and natural joys of countries, but the aggravations when people have their passports stolen and plans go awry. Do treat yourself even if you’re just an armchair traveler, for the book is well written with authority and much humour. (Kindle e-book Amazon).

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Written by: Joy Lennick

Author of My Gentle War, Hurricane Halsey, The Catalyst, From the Prairies to Passchendaele, Where Angels and Devils Tread

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