‘I write what I write because….’

I write travel articles because I love to relive experiences I’ve had, revisit places I’ve been, recreate moods I’ve felt, and get reacquainted with people I’ve met. It’s not that I want to live in the past, because I have a strong belief that we create our lives second by second, a belief that is now backed up by the latest quantum theory research.
No, it is not to go back to the past per se, more to recreate it. Each time I write about say, a feeling, it is not exactly the same feeling as the last time, and certainly not as the original. It is with the heart of a different observer, a heart that has been renewing itself hundreds and hundreds of times since it first experienced whatever feeling I’m revisiting. The physical cells have been replaced by new ones (daily, I believe), so surely the feeling can’t be exactly the same?
For example, the all-consuming, overwhelming excitement and exhilaration of tumbling out of an aircraft, wind rushing in my ears, the earth hurtling upwards, towards me, my entire body tingling, blood rushing through my veins….I feel it in my mind now, not in my body.
But every time I look up at the sky and think ‘I’ve been up there’, my stomach does a little flip and my face breaks into an involuntary smile. I’m reliving the past, but in a new present.

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