La Mata Fiesta Patronal

Towards the end of another –  even hotter than usual –  summer, La Mata is celebrating its Patron Saint, the Virgin of the Rosary.

salute to sun


Today dawned with my usual yoga and meditation routine on my terrace, followed by a walk along the boardwalk with my dogs for a cup of coffee.



morning coffee







On the way back I walked across the town square, where residents were getting ready to enact the San Fermin festival of Pamplona, except that our version is for children, with ‘bulls’ chasing young people along the streets, amid much banging and screaming with glee.

getting ready for the 'bull' run


shady square



The quiet Town Hall square began the day as a peaceful leafy haven, but was soon filled with hundreds of local families, when dancing began, and  music rang out till late into the night.


IMG_2712 San Fermin La Mata style. Children start running when the ‘bulls’ are released from their enclosure.

IMG_2713 Bull run La Mata style  ¡Corre! ¡Corre! Run, run!! The bulls are coming!


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