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This is a multiple choice test. Only one answer is correct. Click whichever you think is the correct answer.

You can retake the test as many times as you need until you pass, when you can go on to take Module 2 test.  It doesn’t matter how long you take there is no time limit.

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1) What’s the most important thing you should do before each tour?
2) Where can you find out about your destination?
3) Which of these are among a tour leader’s responsibilities?
4) Which of these should a tour guide never get involved in while on tour?
5) Which of these documents might you need on tour?
6) What should be the first priority on tour?
7) Where’s the best place to hold an introductory briefing?
8) What should you include in an end of tour report?
9) Once you have collected your luggage, why should you keep the tags till you leave the arrivals area?
10) Which of these would you give out to your group on arrival at a hotel?
11) Which of these topics should you find out your employer’s policy on?
12) What would you advise your group to do before visiting a local school?

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