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This is a multiple choice test. Only one answer is correct. Click whichever you think is the correct answer.

You can retake the test as many times as you need until you pass, when you can go on to take Module 2 test.  It doesn’t matter how long you take there is no time limit.

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1) Why should you write down the PNRs on your group’s airline tickets?
2) Why is it very important to inspire confidence when you first met your group?
3) What type of credit card insurance is NOT acceptable on tour?
4) Which of these can you do on a ‘recce’?
5) Can you agree to compensate someone if they feel they have a justified complaint?
6) How would you deal with a miserable client?
7) What would you do if someone always arrives late?
8) Before setting off on a motor coach journey you should
9) What does ‘non endorsable’ mean on an air ticket?
10) If you’re offered a free meal at a restaurant
11) You can sell optional excursions and activities to your group
12) Leading a group of North Americans it’s best – in general - to:

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