Sample letter of application

As promised, here’s a template for you to use when applying for tour guide jobs:

To: Name of manager/HR head                             ( Attach a recent photo)

Name of Tour company

From: Your name

Your address

Your email

Your telephone


Re: Tour guide position

I wish to apply for the position of tour guide as advertised on (website) / in (publication)

I have been working as (your latest job) for (length of time), and I believe I have acquired a lot of experience needed for the job. As you can see in my curriculum vitae, I have qualifications in (anything to do with geography, languages, tourism, mathematics, and so on)
Moreover, I am a member of (mention membership of relevant organisations / clubs), which has helped me improve my soft skills, such as communication and time management.

I am passionate about travel and love sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. I am very enthusiastic, self-motivated and patient.

I would welcome the opportunity to have an interview with your company.
Thank you for your time and consideration! With best wishes


Don’t forget to sign your name!

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