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Here’s what people are saying about me. Have you completed the Tour Guide Course, or dealt with Maureen in the past? If you have, we’d love to hear about your experience. Write testimonials by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. For now, read the testimonials written by some of my previous clients/students.

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Here are some of the comments we received:

Well structured, atmosphere of camaraderie between trainer and students, well delivered, a real pleasure working with you

Ana Victoria Suazo Guevara, Honduras

I’ve just finished the course, it was super helpful and fun. I´m looking forward to starting my own journey as a tour guide in my country.

Flutura Isufaj, Italy

First of all I really liked the course and everything was well and easily described. Thank you so much. It was so useful to me.

Hana Ambrosova, Czech Republic & UK

It was a pleasure to do your Tour Guide course and l have learned information that can be gained just by years of experiences in tourism. The tour guide needs to know so much and has a great responsibility. I really enjoyed learning new skills. It was pleasure to do the course Thank you very much.

Ashis Maity, India

Thank you for being such a good teacher and conducting a remarkable course which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Matthew Baldock, Australia

I found the Tour Guide Course very practical and comprehensive. As a new operator in the Tourism world it allowed me to audit all my documentation. Thank you.


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Giulia Bonati, Italy

I have just finished my course, and I have to tell you that it has been very interesting, really well done! I really hope to become a Tour Guide, but in case I don’t manage, I will be grateful anyway!

Sevda Ondul, Turkey

Hello, I have just completed my course. I am really glad to take classes and it has helped me practice English

Heather Rodman, USA

It was a great course. Easy to navigate.

Mirna Harik, Lebanon

I wanted to inform you that I have completed the course. Yey!! Thank you again! Your course was really helpful and simply wonderful.

It was amazing. Thank you for everything!

Emma Piek, Creative Trainer, SHAPE (St. Helena’s Active Participation in Enterprise)

I found the course that you offer very informative and advantageous in all areas that were offered throughout the duration of the course. I had a very positive insight into the health & safety part of your tour guide course as well, and I would like to stress if there were further courses to deliver, I would definitely consider taking them.

I have my certificate on completion of your Tour Guide course.

Steve Holmes, GP and Medical Educator

I clearly remember travelling with my young family on a tour with Maureen. She was training a Chinese tour leader to look after a party of Europeans in a journey across China involving trains, planes, boats and  buses in an environment when there was little English spoken and in a very different culture to that in Europe. It was a pleasure to see how Maureen’s enthusiasm engaged her trainee tour leader; how the skills of careful travel arrangements and knowledge allowed for variation in the itinerary and tour to suit the wants of the group – and how Maureen encouraged engagement with the people and culture of the places we visited.

More from Steve Holmes…

Working effectively, Maureen related well to all the families, helped to set agreed “rules” and listened, encouraged and stimulated both children and adults. A good tour leader must ensure the safety of the tour party – and it was highly useful for me to watch and learn from Maureen in checking and preventing issues that could cause dangers. There are obvious triggers linked to food hygiene and walking in areas where theft may be a problem – but my memory was of Maureen quietly walking behind a small bus and checking the tyres and its condition were safe to risk the customers in.

A significant part of my work is in medical education, teaching the doctors of the future – and much of this is about good knowledge, communication and awareness but perhaps above all else, inspiration to do a rewarding job well. Speaking with Maureen I think the same principals apply of knowledge, communication, and awareness of safety, along with inspiration to do a rewarding job well. I would be confident that Maureen will inspire the next generation of people who love to travel to provide life memories for the customers they care for.

parasailing-caribbeanKathy Tracey, Managing Director, The Learning Company, Guernsey, and Ocean Rower

Maureen is a fantastic facilitator, people feel at ease asking questions and it’s obvious she is concerned with her learners’ comfort and understanding. She never talks at people, but rather she works with people to develop their knowledge and skills. She is generous with her knowledge and happy to share her skills.


I travelled to China in 2004 with Maureen Moss as the guide and courier for The Adventure Company. We had a busy and fascinating trip made all the better by her organisation , knowledge , flair , and wit. It takes an exceptional leader to deal with all the peccadilloes , frailties , and awkwardness that arise from any group of demanding travellers in a difficult country. This she accomplished with subtlety and style. I heartily recommend her to you.

Ashley Riches, Performance Support Manager

In September 2005 my partner and I booked our first guided tour together: three weeks across China and Hong Kong. At that time, I had nothing to compare against, but having since been on 5 more tours, I now realize what made Maureen stand out as such a fantastic tour leader.

In essence, the tour leader is one of the major contributing factors toward the success of the trip. They must see, think, listen and plan everything, balancing the individual needs of different people of varying ages and backgrounds. I’ve never known another tour leader that has managed this in the same way as Maureen on our holiday in China. She displayed so many fine qualities, actively engaging with all of us and really creating that feeling of a family for three weeks whilst looking after all of us.

My most overriding memory was when my partner walked into a sharp wooden bollard, cutting his leg and bruising it terribly. Without a second thought, Maureen whipped off her pashmina, ran into a bar and emptied the contents of their ice bucket into it. She came running straight back and applied it to the injury. No panic, just sheer decisiveness and quick thinking.

The passion and dedication Maureen showed as a tour leader cannot be overstated, and without a doubt she would make a wonderful trainer and mentor to anyone considering working in the travel industry as a tour leader

Ian and Ceri Mahy

Years ago, but still happy memories in no small part down to you, for which we were very grateful. That was our first family holiday of that type – we have since done many more. We have (almost) always been fortunate and have had some great tour leaders, but you set the bar very high for judging others by…

Ted Haymond, Canada. Retired

Maureen Moss was our tour guide for our trip around the Bay of Naples.  I was with my 13 year old grandson.  I can’t say enough about her abilities as a guide that helped make our trip so enjoyable.  First of all she was extremely knowledgeable not only about what we were seeing but also about the options that we had.  This is particularly important to me because I needed ideas that were suitable for my grandson.  She offered many good imaginative suggestions. She was able to supplement much of the local guide’s information and make it much more presentable and interesting to not only the adults but also the kids [including a six-year-old] that were in our group.

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I think all of the adults and both of the kids on our tour fell immediately in love with her.  She was able to introduce the tour with such enthusiasm but with a very relaxed air. All of her official duties were carried out this way which gave everyone a wonderful confidence in her abilities as well keeping the tour in an informal and easy-going atmosphere.  We always felt that we were in very capable hands, that we were not exposed to any undue risks, and that we were free to enjoy the trip.

Several times during the trip Maureen volunteered to babysit the kids allowing the adults to go off on their own.  I think the kids loved  this even more than the adults because she kept them so entertained despite being of such different ages.  I felt this was certainly beyond her call to duty.

She was always available during the trip for questions and consultations. She has an ability to make everyone on the trip feel equally important. Maureen made this trip one of a lifetime because of her hard work and wonderful skills as a guide.

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