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Grannies and gap years

If you’re a grandparent, you’ll know how it feels to be concerned about your grandchildren’s future. You’ll also know that there are some basic life skills that are relevant outside of work. Skills like communication, leadership, and responsibility. The Tour Guide Course includes all of these, plus first aid and coping in emergencies, as well Read more about Grannies and gap years[…]


I have some really good news!! I recently moved my course from its former host platform to, and as a result I’m delighted to be able to tell you that my course is now selling at a massive 33% reduction in price. (That’s a third off the original price – thank you, Teachable) What’s Read more about BIG PRICE REDUCTION!![…]

Sleeping through Siberia

Sleeping through Siberia? How is THAT possible? my friends would later ask. Well, try staying awake when you’re being rocked gently from side to side for seven days and nights.       My daughter and I spent a few days in fascinating St Petersburg before taking an overnight train to Moscow, where we would Read more about Sleeping through Siberia[…]

Three ways to combat overtourism

Only three ways to combat overtourism? There are more, but let’s keep things simple First, what is overtourism? (Photo courtesy of Lisa Cronin)   Overtourism is a term that has come into regular use in the English language relatively recently. Only a few years ago the standard response to increasing numbers of tourists would have been Read more about Three ways to combat overtourism[…]

Singapore Tourist Guide-100 suggestions

  This truly amazing Singapore Tourist Guide by our friend Jillian Miller is a must to check out if you’re wondering what to do in Singapore.  It’s packed full of ideas, is well researched, and gives a whole new insight into this vibrant city and its surroundings. Make sure you click here to read her Read more about Singapore Tourist Guide-100 suggestions[…]

travel to Guernsey

Best Tips on Travel to Guernsey

Best Tips on Travel to Guernsey If you want the best tips on travel to Guernsey in summer, you have come to the right place! Guernsey summers When I think of summers in Guernsey, I see images of wild (albeit Spring, but permit me to indulge my imagination) flowers. I see bluebells, cowslips and buttercups, Read more about Best Tips on Travel to Guernsey[…]

What To Expect Of Your Tour Group Leaders by Marty Sarbey de Souto

I find that many times group leaders are assigned because they’ve “been there before” or perhaps because they “sold the most tour members to sign up for the trip.” But neither of these attributes necessarily makes them the most effective leader. So what should a good leader bring to your travel project? My expectations are Read more about What To Expect Of Your Tour Group Leaders by Marty Sarbey de Souto[…]

Tour Manager’s layover in Kiev – what does a tour leader do on days off?

Two days in Kiev Golden domes of St Michael’s church Kiev? Where the chickens come from? I heard that old joke frequently before I set off via Barcelona for my short break in the city I have dreamed of seeing for over forty years. I was on what we tour leaders call a ‘layover’, a Read more about Tour Manager’s layover in Kiev – what does a tour leader do on days off?[…]

solo woman traveller in iran

Travelling to Iran as a Solo Woman Traveller

Experiencing Iran as a Solo Woman Traveller As a solo woman traveller I felt nervous as I disembarked from the plane; I have just flown into Tehran International airport from Kiev in Ukraine, and I am alone. I’m wearing a full-length kaftan and have a headscarf positioned over my hair, to blend in with all Read more about Travelling to Iran as a Solo Woman Traveller[…]

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