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tour guide course
Studying the Tour Guide Course.

Here is your chance to become a Tour Guide. Tour Guides all over the world will tell you that it’s the BEST job you can ever have. Getting paid to travel and see the world! What more can you ask for? Access the best Tour Guide Course right here.

I always say, ‘You do not need to have a Tourism course to be able to be a Tour Guide.’

But what I have done is design a course that allows you to have the confidence to go into a job interview comfortably knowing you have some previous knowledge on Tour Guiding.

All you have to do is;

    • Love to Travel
    • Enjoy and are exhilarated by seeing new, strange and exotic places
    • Like meeting new people and experiencing different cultures
    • Want the kind of life that will allow you to do all these things AND make money while doing them, this could be you!
become a tour guide paris
Having fun on a tour in Paris, France.

 Take a moment right now to picture yourself in one of a dozen exciting, exotic lands…

Kathmandu… Bali….. Berlin…. The Galapagos Islands… floating down the River Thames…visiting the Temple of Karnak in Egypt! I am YOUR partners in making your dreams a reality.

All of these opportunities and more are available – and within reach – all you have to do is access my Tour Guide Course to understand the essentials.

Here are just two examples of tour companies who are looking forr trained guides – you can apply once you pass this course!

You will need the skills and know how to be a successful Tour Guide and that’s where I come in, as I wish I could  have had this information available to me when I first started. Therefore I have rolled it all into one great bundle for you in The Tour Guide Course.

Where Do I go From Here?

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About The Tour Guide Course

My Tour Guide Course contains 5 modules, at the end of which you will be given a multiple choice quiz to pass before moving on. Get some information about each module, and answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. Also includes study tips, and how to get the most out of your study time. Read my About The Course page for more information.

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Have a look around this website to find answers to any questions you may have. Then, if you think you have read enough about the Tour Guide Course, and want to join in the fun, go here: Sign Up here

Congratulations on choosing this amazing career!


All my articles are categorized and posted to my Tour Guide Articles. Many years of tour guiding experience have been documented here for your enjoyment. Also lots more to come as I plan on Tour Guiding well into the future. Feel free to comment on anything that interests you.

About Us

Many years of experience in travel and tourism have gone into creating the Tour Guide Course. You can also check out what countries I have spent time in. Read my About Me page to learn more. Or to hear what people are saying about me as a guide, and about this course, read my Testimonials.

I use an easy to access and user friendly platform called Teachable to learn, and audio format is also available. Visit the Teachable website directly for more details.



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