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Want A Travel Guide Blogger Job in Iceland?

Do You Want A Fantastic Ever Changing Job You Enjoy? Well Here’s Your Chance For A Travel Guide Blogger Job!

Look no further its here! Wow Air are advertising a Travel Guide Blogger Job and they are looking for the right 2 applicants.

travel guide blogger job

The job description on Wow Air states that they are look for 2 enthusiastic friends who will get paid to document their adventure travelling around Iceland! That’s just the start! They will also be getting paid to live in an apartment in downtown Reykjavik and have the opportunity to travel to cities such as Barcelona, New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris and Stockholm.

Upon looking at what is offers it sounds so fun, I’m jealous!

travel guide blogger job

If your keen on applying, you will need to upload a short maximum 2 minute video of you and your travel buddy showing off what your hometown has to offer. If you don’t live in a interesting town, maybe visit something close to your area that you love, and your passion will shine through. I recommend making it fun and interesting. Here’s a TIP! Don’t keep talking about yourself after your introduction, just showcase the subject at hand! Make it about budget friendly trips to the area.

These ideas we will be used as content for the WOW Air Travel Guide. Having experience as content creators would be an advantage for you, as you will need to document and blog your adventures – even if only 1 person has that experience and not necessarily both. Also make sure that you balance out your personalities in the video and compliment each other.

Here are more of my tips for you to nail this application.

Do your homework and PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

Practice makes perfect, So I recommend rehearsing with a script and record yourselves and watch it back. Keep noting down how you can improve after every playback and repeat (this may take 6- 20 times). You will notice the tone of your voice is different on camera, as well as a multitude of sins unaware of, show unless you practice! Watch and learn to stop certain negative body language and gestures that can be distracting to the viewer the video.

Show the recording to your friends and see what they think. Not if its just good or bad, tell them you want honest constructive criticism on how you can improve. Please be professional and understand that whoever is watching this is looking for someone to represent their company and ultimately, the face of their brand! Show the that you are the right candidate for this Travel Guide Blogger Job and prove what benefit you would be to their company.

Use your charisma and understand your audience. Make sure you do your research on WOW air and what they are looking for by starting here. Click here for more information from WOW Air and watch the video.

Application deadline is May 14, 2018. So hurry up and most of all GOOD LUCK!



You can even learn more on Iceland by reading about Maureen’s fantastic trip here.

travel guide blogger job



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