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Grin tongue sticking out, gave me a small two Wang bark bark a few times, I only know English and Chinese language they did not know the dog, do not know what it said. Her warm cheek against my shoulder, issued a similar a tense breathing, so uneven, crystal clear, clear as yesterday, reminding us of scenes in the head." Did not dare tell her in conversation, there is no need for that, I hurriedly pushed cars cart walked straight in. personalized Milwaukee Bucks jerseys kids It seems to flow for a long time, I careless, not to pay attention. personalized nba basketball jerseys Can be identified - was a girl. Then suddenly the heart of a panic, I gazed toward a corner of the front side of the road to see the past, the darkness I clearly saw a mass of black stuff in the middle of the road artificial garden side! what? It quietly leaning there, I can be sure - it's just move over there! As if behind a hand gently on my cold back, I lost the feeling anxious to cross the road, pushing a bicycle directly beyond the stop line outside. personalized Minnesota Timberwolves jerseys kids

The second day has been unawakened girl, in a coma muttered occasionally remembered to drink, it seems a good recovery. Girl huddled in bed shivering inside corner, saw suddenly rushed to me, is a scream: 'ah - do not! "I was this loud deafening scream scared senseless, the girl in this closed room to see what, or heard something? I glanced at each corner of the room, did not find any unusual thing. What will happen next? Just chilling, do not think - it must be because the front of the woman, which is from her to my house after the occurrence of all sorts! I was regret: No, I can not stay at home this woman, the moment will not work, she is definitely not human! Be sure to find a way to send out her gently, I lifted my eyes to see her, too harsh, we have got under the determination! I said: "What do you want to eat at noon, I get a takeaway bar. I did not expect the girl to sit down, looking at the table of the bread they eat up self-serving, fast food lasted longer - I forget, in addition to her two days I fed her to drink some porridge, barely eaten. I'm not too difficult for her, I take a ride to her shoulder and said:.

I'm pushing a bicycle, hands and feet still light out of the cell. Cool while back - it is an illusion? Clearly someone behind me always with me! In fact, from the supermarket I had into this "illusion," but I thought it was an illusion! I have always been too sensitive, but at the moment my Guangzhong clearly see a shadow when I stopped, hidden into a corner, like a nether." "Really?" I can not but keep your underwear to discuss, especially when in the kitchen? Fortunately, she has turned the end of the topic just below the bag things, wondering, he said: "how are bags with canned goods, not what to buy food. personalized mlb jerseys Watching her eat bread, eaten countless times feel as if suddenly delicious bread the same. He stared at it, did not forget gulped - Snow face the embarrassment of showing only hand cover the cover: "I'm sorry, I was wearing dirty clothes uncomfortable, they could not find, and you could not find here are the girl's clothes, so, you, you secretly find in your closet a piece of clothing to put on.

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